I gain satisfaction by solving the difficult and providing extraordinary client service.



Over a period of time I have gained much experience and knowledge within my area of expertise. I am a highly motivated professional who loves to be challenged and is as comfortable communicating with the CEO of a company as much as an analyst. I am able to deliver the same message but alter its delivery per the audience. Most of my professional career has been focused on serving clients to the highest degree possible, with the ultimate goal being they continue to be our client, the relationship remains profitable, and they are willing to speak on our behalf in the pursuit of new business. Throughout my career I have proven to be a dynamic Client Account Manager with a vast amount of experience in developing strategic relationships and growing existing client revenue. I am an accomplished and versed professional, a decisive leader with proven success in establishing a lasting presence in new markets, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances. Deep experience offers a unique expertise to ensure smooth and effective communication between client and the organization. As well as being a highly adaptable professional, I am consistently focused on team and operational support. I have relentless drive and am self-motivated so that I may develop personally and professionally. I have the skills and passion to develop my team into goal-oriented champions. I am very good at creating successful teams, and creating value through high-level work ethic, experience, and empowerment. In my free time I enjoy camping, biking, skiing and can be found on a field of some kind playing with my family.
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Detail Oriented

It is the details that make things work. In my line of work it is important to pay attention and notice every aspect of each individual project. I am extremely detail-oriented and make a valiant effort to not only understand the effects but the causes of every situation. When given a task I see it through to success and never give up. I have unyielding drive and persistence when following a course of action even when faced with difficulty or opposition.

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Helpful & Kind

I enjoy helping others and encouraging people to come to me with any problems. What ever the issue may be I will come up with a solution. I get projects done by keeping an open mind and cheerful disposition. Others respect me because I show them the respect they deserve. I approach all situations and relationships with a warm and friendly attitude.

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Curious Learner

I am a curious being by nature. I like to understand how things work and find out what is behind the curtain. I am always eager to discover and learn something different. I am constantly evolving and changing so that I may grow and develop new skills. I enjoy unique tasks and am not afraid of a challenge, because even if I do not know the answer I see it as an opportunity to learn something new. 


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    Juris Doctor
  • Main 1
    Bachelor of Arts


  • 2006 - CURRENT
    Client Account Manager
    Thomson Reuters Corporation
  • 2004 - 2006
    VP of New Business Development
    Wells Fargo Corporate Trust, Asset Backed Securities
  • 2000 - 2004
    Corporate Trust Relationship Manager
    Wells Fargo Corporate Trust, Customized Fiduciary Services


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Asset Backed Securities

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Client Management

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